Simple starts : The Great Escape

This game starts in the room and tries to get as far away as possible with wild combinations and fantasy.

The escape takes three steps:

  • 1. Players list up to six items in the room
  • 2. They describe the items with a single suitable adjective.
  • 3. They select an item outside the room that could also fit the description.

For example:

chair - fourlegged - dog

cupboard - metal - car

light bulb - transparent - rain

The players then create the poem by including and linking as many of the new `outside' items as possible.

Expanding Words

Start with either a single letter I or A or two letter word.

Then add one letter at a time to make a sequence -
e.g.: I in pin spin.

The player who manages to stretch furthest wins.

Alternatively, the words can simply keep the core letter or letters but be progressively longer:
a at all hang heaps.

In either case players can be asked to try to make a sentence or poem that uses the words.

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