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AS-AS : the Simile

The players should be divided into three * groups :
two (groups 1 and 3) to think of a number (say 6) of nouns each and
one (group 2) to choose the same number of adjectives.
The groups should keep their choices secret. The words chosen can be written out either on cards (to hold up) or as a numbered list to read out.

To play, group 1 holds up or reads out their first word,
everyone shouts `AS',
group 2 supplies their first adjective,
everyone shouts `AS',
and group 3 completes the simile with their first noun.

The completed simile can be joined together if on card or written up large as it takes shape.
An example:

a BAT ....AS .... BIG .... AS .... a BALLOON

* The number of groups can be enlarged to suit the number of players - for instance a class of 30 could divide to 6 groups of 5 to produce:

a FAT ... BAT ... AS ... BIG ... and ... BLUE ... AS ... a BURST ... BALLOON

In this case the groups' order will be 1 adjective, 2 noun, 3 adjective, 4 adjective, 5 adjective, 6 noun.
There are many other possible combinations but it is essential to work out the stucture of the long ones in advance to avoid chaos.

Warning: The similies produced are likely to be more curious than the examples shown.

After each round, rather than after each sentence, the similes can be discussed. The players consider and comment on which are funny, strange or most apt. The phrases could be swapped around or amended.

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