Invention : Word Spotter

On the worksheet (see below) a creature is hidden in the tangle of letters.
By finding words - reading the letters up, down or diagonally - you will get clues to help you track it.
Write them down as you find them.
Only you must find ten words with four or more letters.

Two warnings before you set out on your search:
be prepared for some of the words you find to be of no use, and for the creature to be in a surprising place.

What do you think you've found?
What do you think the creature is, where is it, what is it doing?

It could be a creature that no-one has ever heard of before.

Can you use the ten longer words (and any others) as part of a poem that describes what you think you have found?

You can use the words to build sentences, lines, and ideas.

If you enjoy your first expedition, try again - there are certainly other interesting creatures to discover in the wild words.
For real adventure try finding words formed by letters in zig-zag patterns and paths that wander around. You will have to decide any rules for this yourself.

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