Simple starts : Going Round In Circles

Here's a game to spin you off into all sorts of strange ideas. This is how to play:

You use the wheel, starting anywhere you like, and move around it from one word to any word that touches it until you have gone all the way round.
As you move, or after you have drawn a path or made a list of chosen words, write each word on a seperate line in the form.

The word can be used anywhere in the line.
You don't have to use the word exactly as it's shown on the wheel: any normal variation is allowed - for example stood for stand or eyes for eye. You can also use specific words in place of general ones - for example rose instead of flower.

Add as many other words as you want, to connect, to make sense and develop an idea.
Of course you don't have to stop there, you can try different solutions, make the poem as long or wide as you like, perhaps deciding for yourself what might happen next or rewriting to improve your first ideas.

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