Invention : The World Game - again

The World Game is discussed in another version under DIALOGUE, and further details will be found there.

In this simplest version players invent an imaginary land, and in the same way as Amazing Animals it's important to move quickly to imagining.

In the hoop-la version where letters are won the players could write alliterative phrases on each of the letters or could treat the letter as the first of the name of a thing or things that are in the land.

Their ideas expand from these words or phrases. These can be played as continuous games where players add as many phrases as they like.

Where the map alone is the stimulus (tiddlywinks) the land can be discussed and some interesting feature of weather, inhabitants or topography could form the basis of the poem. Or players can be invited to imagine themselves at a particular point on their map, to describe what they see there and so develop the image.

It helps players if they can imagine and concentrate on one aspect or feature of the land - everything made of sweets, or upside- down. The more focussed the central idea, the more connected thoughts will form.

The finished poem can be written inside the map shape, expanding and distorting word and letter shapes to fill to the outline, or the map can be filled with picture or detail and the poem put outside.

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