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The web pages in this part of the site contain much of the content of the Windows Workshops Manual which is available in printed, pdf or e-book form either from the games page (full list of options), or by downloading the workbook or worksheet pdfs from the foot of the page.

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The Windows Workshop Pack originally consisted of a continually updated compilation of workshop sheets.

The sheets documented each game as it was first played, though some were originally booklets and others were revised on reprint. They provided basic details, ideas and examples of work.
Childrens' work shown on the sheets was selected to be representative, both of ability and style, rather than exemplary.

The book includes most of the games from the sheets, and additionally suggests variations and discusses working methods and problems.

Since new games or variations have been and are constantly being developed by many of the writers now involved with the Project, this book will soon cease to include all the Project's games. However, it is hoped that it will provide a guide to many that have been well tried and tested and that its general information will be of continuing use.

The games, arranged in four sections, are discussed with their uses, variations and place in developing skills. A final section looks at specific aspects of their use in school and community, briefly answering those questions which have been most commonly raised over the years.

Although the games described in this book were created either by myself or Dave Ward, we would like to thank the many writers who have worked with the Windows Project who have contributed their individual skills to the playing and development of them.

Dave Calder
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Windows Workshops Dave Calder, The Windows Project ,1997,1998,1999,2009