Simple starts :
The Amazing PushPoem Machine - the card game

The worksheet should be copied twice to provide a double alphabet pack of 50 cards (no Z) and enlarged if wished to provide a different size of playing card.
The pack can of course be varied to provide more "easy" letters. Q is normally treated as "?" (free choice) and X as "ex" or "ecs".

There are many games and variations that can be played, but in the usual version for groups players are dealt a number (3 to 6) cards, or for short simple versions players could choose one or two letters themselves, or use their initials.
In any case, the players use one card/letter at a time to develop a group or individual work by placing one word after another.

The cards decide the first letter of each word of the poem - the players are free to choose any word beginning with the letter. A simple variation allows the use of any word which contains the letter.
The order of play of the cards decides the order of words in the poem - the players can decide on the structure of the poem, the number of words to a line, etc., even whether it should rhyme.

The conventional order of play is clockwise, and under strict rules players should only be able to call for full-stops or new lines after they have played their word.

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