Invention : A Sense of Place

Each player is given a number and also numbers as many lines as there are players, on a sheet of paper - let's call this the answer-sheet. Each player then selects a location which they then write down alongside their number on their own answer-sheet.

On a seperate sheet of paper - or on a copy of the worksheet below - they write their number at the top and then five phrases - one describing a taste, one a sound, a sight, a smell and a touch - that they associate with the location they have chosen.

For example:

  "Salt on the lips
  Creaking timbers
  A heap of shining scales
  Wet wool and gumboots
  Cold, slippy flesh"

    would do for a fishingboat. There is no need for every player to write down the senses in the same order, but there is a checklist to help you make sure all the senses have been included.

The sheets with the clues are then passed to other players who try to decide what is being described. They record their solutions on the line with the same number on their answers-sheet. The answers are read out at the end and discussion on which clues succeeded best and why can follow. Since the game is a sort of riddle, the more precise and subtley evocative the clues are, the more fun they are to set and unravel.

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