Simple starts : Hear Here!

This game is an introduction to sound effects. See also Comic Strip/ Onomatopeia.

The game is best played in groups - the larger the louder!

A place is chosen, a station, sea-shore, road, etc. If the group has lots of ideas, make a list and pick one out.

Each player then chooses a "sound" word for that location, explaining what is making the sound. The players then recreate the location in sound by saying their single word repeatedly in such a way as to give best expression to the sound that the word imitates or suggests - and they can speak in unison or be orchestrated!

The sound poem could be recorded on tape, or even in written form as a kind of musical score - by writing down the different sound-words in different sizes and shapes, either in the order (if any) that they should be said, or jumbled together.

The worksheet provides an opportunity for individuals to attempt a description of a place through sound. They could write the answer secretly and then recite the poem - can their friends guess where or what the poem is about?

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