Basic craft : Sound effects

Onamatopoeia: Comic Strip

Although onomatopoeia is the use of a word or combination of words that imitate or suggest the sound being described, this game, Hear Here, and the Phantastic Phonetic Phactory / BOOM, take a loose view, in the interest of conveying the concept.

In Comic Strip players work out a short narrative: e.g. - cross the street, trip on the kerb, skid on banana, hit a wall.
Then they try to imagine the strip of pictures that would represent the narrative and decide which sound words might be in the frames.
The words are written down, drawing is not permitted. A few additional words will probably be necessary. The example given could become:

vroom roar screech
whew! pitter patter clunk
tripped ouf! ow! thump
squelsh slither squeal
WALL wham crunch bang bonk

Finally, read out or passed around, the other players have to decide what the poem is describing.

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