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Cathy Wu lives on the Wirral and is a Chinese artist specializing in calligraphy and painting. She also teaches Tai Chi, which she regards as an instrument for perfecting Chinese calligraphy.

cathy wu

Cathy’s family came from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and was born in Chengdu, Sichuen. She studied Chinese calligraphy in Hong Kong under a Master calligrapher and painter Lin Chien Shi who was also reputed in seal making. Master Lin’s wisdom and teaching has provided her a solid ground in perfecting her technique of the brush and the pursuit of the infinite strokes.

In the past years, she has had exhibitions in Hong Kong, Vancouver, London, Manchester, Liverpool and Williamson Gallery on the Wirral. She also takes workshops and demonstrations in galleries, museums, schools and colleges. She was commissioned to write “The Chinese Calligraphy Bible”, which was published by Apple Press (UK), Barons (USA) and Simon and Schuster (Australia) in 2007.

Her latest calligraphy and painting exhibition was at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester in August 2010, Liverpool at the Unity Theatre in November, and at the Six Room Gallery with the Independent Biennial exhibition with the local artists also in November. In the Year of the Rabbit 2011 from 18 January – 20 February, Yat Ming has been asked to display her works at the Wallner Gallery in the Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre.
Recently Cathy has become a member of the Hong Kong Calligraphers Association and will join the others at the Hong Kong Central Library for the 2012 Chinese New Year calligraphy exhibition.

Six Room Gallery 2011
Bamboo in the wind . . fan

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