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A poem saga by David Greygoose: a story told in riddles and music.

"The magical Tree of Dreams is where the townspeople come to laugh, sing and share their dreams. That is, until the White Worm coils itself around the Tree, killing the people's hopes and happiness. One brave girl sets out to befriend the White Worm and free the Tree of Dreams. Along the way she meets a series of characters who teach her valuable lessons about life. treasures she will use in her meeting with the White Worm."

Book published by Collins Educational

Performances available with solo narrator/music
or narrators and musicians/vocalists plus puppeteer (juvenile)


A performance lasts approx 45 minutes plus opportunity for questions and discussion at the end.

Venues have included an Asda superstore, the top of a double-decker bus, Sefton Park Palmhouse, Liverpool Family Literacy Festival, Halewood Country Park, libraries, schools and drama studios. A street version was performed in Liverpool city centre, and in Singapore The Tree of Dreams toured primary schools, bookshops and Nanyang University Theatre Studio.

We would be interested in discussing unusual settings suitable for the story, indoors or outdoors.

Related workshops are available in dream-writing, percussion and combined performance.

"Tender, vigorous and wise."

Kevin Crossley-Holland

"A marvellous story - it will stand next to Hans Christian Anderson."
Adrian Mitchell

"A beautiful and unexpected story. such a fresh delight, like a wind you expect to freeze blowing warm and full of rich scents of summer."
Libby Houston
Studio CD version available at 4.99 inc p&p
payable to Spike, First Floor, Liver House, 96 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HY. Click here to HEAR A SAMPLE : TREE of DREAMS
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