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Angela is both a poet and drama facilitator. An experienced writer and teacher who believes in active learning; leading workshops with all ages from nursery to elders, building confidence in their ability to write, tell stories and make books. Widely published, she has performed and been poet-in-residence in a wide range of venues such as schools, libraries, bookshops and hospices.

Angela writes student guides and articles and is a senior moderator/coursework advisor for Advanced Level English Language and Literature. She is a qualified secondary school teacher, and was Head of Literacy and Oracy at Upton Hall School. Her poetry is published by Macmillan, OUP, Hodder, Collins and Wayland in over 45 anthologies, and features in poetry magazines/journals such as London Magazine, Critical Survey, Smoke, and The Reader. She has appeared on BSB TV and in interviews on BBC Radio.

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Workshops and performance

Performance/workshops with Key Stages 1,2,3 and 4


Publications include:
The Way We Came (Bluechrome 2007)
Fiddle: New and Selected Poems (Stride 1999)
Focus on The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter (Greenwich Exchange 2009)
Focus on Spies by Michael Frayn (Greenwich Exchange 2008)

and poems in anthologies
Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh (Salt 2009)
Read Me Out Loud (Macmillan 2007)
The Poetry Store (Hodder 2005)

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