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A bookmaker and designer, Mairie has a particular interest in the creative development of the bookform as a handmade object. She is experienced in working with a variety of groups in the community and also works with playschemes and schools on both book-making and visual arts projects, including mask-making and textile art.

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Workshops with Key Stages 1 to 4

"Both the staff and pupils have benefited tremendously from your expertise in this area? the children, especially, have enjoyed their workshops sessions and have learned a great deal about art around the world."
Ladymount Primary School, Wirral
"Mairie’s workshops were superb. The work she produced with the boys was excellent and they were totally involved in what they were doing. The workshops surpassed our expectations. We would love to have her visit our school again."
Lower Lee School, Liverpool"

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The Windows Project > 1-27 Bridport Street, Liverpool L3 5QF , England

Please contact the Project first on 0771 0644 325 or email to check details etc.

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