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Click here to play    the AS AS game      and here to    SMASH A SONNET  

The Windows Project has always based its workshops on games, and these cover a wide range of ways into writing poems or developing particular skills.

The games will be of most use to teachers and playleaders, but they have been used successfully across a wide age and ability range and anyone interested in promoting poetry writing or literacy may find them of interest..

A number of games which introduce form and rhyme can be played using the PDF forms listed below:

LIMERICKER: Limericker
PENTAMETER: Aboard the pentameter
NURSERY RHYMES: Nursery Rhymes
PRPR: Pocket Rocket Primary Rhymer
HORROR: Horror

Since 1980 the Project has published workshop reports combining information on method with young peoples' writing. The The Windows Workshop handbook is available both in printed and electronic format, with a set of photocopiable worksheets.

It runs, however, to almost 80 pages of text and over 30 worksheets - so is not wholly browser friendly!
The e-format package consists of the e-book, the bitmapped worksheets, and the workshop games for Win95.
A feature-limited version of the e-book is available for download from this page.
The original book version is available in Acrobat .pdf form for mac users.
Most of the pages are available on site and if you want the printed or disk-based version you can order from here.

Click here to enter the online workshop manual: Workbook on the web

Click here to view the online workshop sheets: Worksheets on the web

Menu for the online workshop manual:

Click here to download the workshop manual in PDF form: Download PDF Workbook requires Acrobat reader

Click here to download the worksheets in PDF form: Download PDF Worksheets requires Acrobat reader

Click here to download the workshop manual: Download Workbook pc only [1328 Kb]

Click here to download the workshop games: Download games pc only [1163 Kb]

Click here to download the workshop sheets: Download worksheets pc only [968 Kb]

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