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Since 1981, Windows has worked extensively within schools and with school groups in libraries. These are usually arranged and funded either by the individual institution or by the local authority as part of a wider integrated programme of activities.

School and school/library sessions normally involve up to 30 pupils, of any age group from infant to upper-sixth form. The nature and length of the session with each group is by arrangement to suit the needs of the particular school or library service.

The sessions usually begin with a reading by the visiting poets from their own work. The reading can be a short introduction to a workshop or a full-length performance followed by a question and answer session. Readings are available for all from infant reception classes upwards.

The reading can be followed by a workshop for which the Project has devised a wide range of introductory games, which give pupils an individual stimulus as a starting point for their poems. The games range from ones concerned with simple literacy and word-play (spelling, word choice, sentence construction) through basic skills (rhythm, rhyme, form, comparison) to those which set artistic problems or lead to the expression of personal experience. Workshops are available to all aged 6 or over.

Although the above paragraphs cover the larger part of the work that the project is invited to do, writers within the Project have experience of working from nursery to further education level, including special schools, and with teachers in service and in training. The Project can arrange sessions to suit specific needs and is always interested in discussing new initiatives.

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Several local authorities have chosen an alternative to working within one school by bringing selected classes from a number of schools to a local library. Often run in conjunction with literacy programmes, this also helps to promote the library as a local facility.

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The Writers in Schools and Education programme exists to assist schools and colleges within the region who wish to invite writers. .
As with all visits, the earlier that preparatory discussion begins the better! Click here for information on writers involved.

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The Writers Attachment Scheme supports the training of writers by the Project to improve their skills in school and community work.

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