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The current issue of Smoke magazine, number 63 is now available from the Windows Project.

Smoke magazine - issue 47  Just a Click away
Which is Something Like a Love Poem Helen Clare | Kafka Paul Donnelly | Freckle Face Linda France | My first husband Lucy George | Wolf Mother Never David HW Grubb | Wounds of Love (after Lorca) Brendan Kennelly | Mille Feuilles Sandra Liao | The Yellow Shirt S.J. Litherland | Micheline Maylor | Cover-up Daphne Rock | Jonathon, the dead 18 year old Ayesha Syed | Casting off Doyle D. Turner | Widow Deborah Tyler-Bennett | Getting off at Pisa Frances Wilson | The Language of Priorities Mark Wyatt | John Aborigines, Perth Robert Yeo

Smoke magazine - issue 46  Just a Click away
Exit Howard Wright | There comes a moment in anxiety Trisha Newbery | Paper Folding Sue Dymoke | Pieta Dickon Abbott | Point Lisa Hannah | Just Rewards Mandy Coe | Another Ordinary Landscape David Bateman | Written in water Merryn Williams | Sharp suited magenta Robert Furze | untitled Joan Poulson | The decorated room Pat Marum | On the interpretation of dreams Daithidh MacEochaidh | The pillow book Elizabeth Howkins | Found on the shores of Connemara Solomon Blue Waters | Stoat Simon Kensdale

Smoke magazine - issue 45  Just a Click away
Committal... Matt Simpson | Piano S. McDermott | Bite Jennifer Copley | Strictly Tempo Pauline Plummer | Markings Andrew Hawthorne | Waiting Zoe Skoulding | The Uncertainty of Angels Paul Donnelly | Watching Denny Derbyshire | Arrival Linda K. | Cormorants Brian Mackey | Towers Rebecca Goss | Knowledge John Hilton | Nine Months and Five Days Alison Eir Jenks | Lipstick Janice Fixter | Second hand Souvenir steve sneyd

Smoke magazine - issue 44  Just a Click away
No ideas but in things C Watts | Meeting in Mogadishu David HW Grubb | Amen Glyn Wright | Cathars Marian Barnes | Developing Patrick Williamson | Semi-Industrial Landscape Howard Wright | we are come to this great stage sean burn | from Composition XIV Ernie Hilbert | Growing Afraid of the Dark Frank Dullaghan | Coming to terms Joan Poulson |Paper escapes Mike Jenkins | At cwm Pennant Kevin Crossley-Holland | Sand-pit at Smuggler's Pightle Joanna Watson

Smoke magazine - issue 43  Just a Click away
The Nearly Extinct Bird Liz Atkin | House for Mr. Tiswas Daithidh Mac Eochaidh | Distances #4 (for John Lowery) Martyn J Lowery |Inheritance Owen Gallagher | Post-Modern Love Deborah Lavin | The Tempest Kevin Cadwallender | The Eating of a Unicorn Henry Normal | Slicing Aubergines Pauline Plummer | Upper Hand|Denise Bennett | The Joiner AM Forster | Last of her generation Moira Duff | Days of 1984 Ron Caldwell | Small Autumn Julian Flanagan | Unhappy Medium Geoff Tomlinson | Brahms Trish O'Brien | Dark Glasses of Memory Merryn Williams | The Sun In Your Skin Michael Murphy

Smoke magazine - issue 42  Just a Click away
P is for poetSteven Blyth | Budgie Margaret J. Cooke | Fig, 1 Michael Cunningham | Viking Cat in the Dark Helen Dunmore | Dispossessed G.F. Dutton | St John's Point Paul Finn | For my daughter on her seventeenth birthday Richard Hill | Nante Joel Lane | Did he ever dream Mary Maher | Secret Letter to poets U.V. Ray | Monopoly Jean Sprackland | Home Again Finnegan Marc Swan | California, Present Day Glyn Wright

Smoke magazine - issue 41  Just a Click away
From Life Lizzy London | At Rest Pam Daniels | Signals John Siddique | In Darkness Margot K Juby | Song of the Ram Nicki Jackowska |The Length of the Dances David H W Grubb | The Question Rus Mickle | after the accident Paul Bavister |Gas Victims Colin Honnan | Jarrow at War Derek Woodcock | The pig the man the child and her mother Eleanor Maxted | Dream Diary Mark Crees | Christmas Eve Isobel Gamble | Kevin answers a couple of questions Cliff Yates |Tala Deborah Lavin | Quick Quiz Susie Mac |40 Something Part 3 Linda McGowan | I am not Eve Janet Ormrod |

Copyright in these poems is © the individual poets 1998,1999,2000,2001

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