from Dead Wolf Point ...
David Clayton

David Clayton

1.Dead Wolf Point

Tim and his dad had climbed for four days. Above, the great hills bit the sky like shark's teeth. They were black spikes in a sky as red as fire. Now, the great plain lay like a brown carpet below them. They were way above the world and alone, so alone.
That night, they camped at Dead Wolf Point and the name made Tim shiver. His dad laughed and checked the map as they sat by the camp fire. Tim's dad always checked everything. He was like that. He was a policeman. The trouble was, he also checked up on Tim a lot too. Tim wasn't happy about that. It always made him feel like a little kid.
'Tomorrow, we're going up Snake River Canyon,' Dad said for the tenth time. 'Then after that it's up and up to Indian's Peak. Takes me back to when I was as old as you.'

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