Curtis Watt

I'm glad he's gone!

For once I can walk to school feeling free - no eyes on me.

I sigh in relief

The things that I feel I can easily achieve are beyond belief.

I laugh with my friends

When we're out at break time there's no pressure on us and the fun never ends.

I'm free to be smart

Now nobody laughs in the classroom when I show there's love in my heart.

My personality was concealed

Sometimes I didn't know what was real

Sometimes nobody knows the pain you feel

When you are all alone.

But now he's dead

No grabbing and pushing and throwing - no more pain in the head

And now I'm glad

The worst of the best of his friends still think it's very sad.

But I know best

No more sitting in injury-corners confused, being pressed to confess.

The lesson was learnt before it was too late

Now there's no reason for me to hate

No more walking around in an empty state

Goodbye to that waste of space.

His parents were pleased

He was so bad that he treated his family as his enemies.

Some spoke to me

They apologised for letting him be the way he used to be.

Now they understand

I no longer sit quietly trying to conceal the sores on my hand

He used to walk round the place acting all hard

He had more report cards than birthday cards

Now they lay in a heap on his bedroom floor

Reminding me that I'm a bully no more.

© Curtis Watt 2005