Belonging: The Gathering
at Princes Boulevard, Toxteth

The Windows Project : Amazing Push Poem Machine : May 25th 2008

Go, happy people, vibrantly independent.
Special beautiful rainbows make developments purposeful.
Yes – people push water down low.

Young invisible leopards catch independent mums.
Sunshine has wealthy jewellery like kisses.

Time begins new life during happiness –
however happiness’ kite brings kind secrets.

More quality in L8 women while dancing!

Cats in pockets always stink.
Follow enormous elephants’ love.
Swans up-wind glide ceaselessly,
knitting cosy duvets while watching magic ventriloquists.

Toxteth sunshine cometh tomorrow early:
torrential pouring sand falling deafeningly, eerily, deliciously
in deserted landscapes.

Energy currents lick bright ice tomorrow with electricity.

at “Belonging: The Gathering”:
Princes Boulevard, Toxteth
May 25th 2008

Created by local residents and visitors to the street event