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Poems from the young women at St. Catherine's Centre, St. Helens.

My Poems on my life.

She smelt of issy meache when I saw her last.
Dusk, it was, as she walked the street looking for smack.
This stuff took me through hell for six months of my life
Thirty - five years for her, this trouble and strife.
it doesnít smell so good, it took us off track.

I came into here against my own will
If I had the choice, I would be outside still
I feel Dark inside, lonely but safe
when I get out I want to make a break
from the cycle Iím in, believing in me


Where we're from
beggars on the streets are trying to find themselves in the bottom
of bottles of cider,
they drown under the sound
of tunes blaring out
from blacked out car windows
carrying fit lads & rotweilers..
wandering around looking for bait...

Where we're from
businessmen in cleaned up suits
comb the corners looking for prostitutes
while the children play
while the children play
while they play.

Where we're from
the park after dark is filled with rude boys & rude girls
stoned on benches
at the back of fields, hidden behind groves of trees...
then there's me.
I walk every morning past burned out flats,
smashed out phone boxes
& from inside the hollow building eyes
voices of strange men mumbling to themselves
sift out into the air like ghosts.
Mothers abandon their kids
to run from their pimps
& the others play
the others play
they play.

But just before sunrise
Everything's quiet...
all the shops are closed
no fast cars
no men stumbling from bars
Nothing stirs & I have a moment's peace to think....
A Baby Screams for her mother
& next door a door slams,
lowered voices raise to a shout
as I drift off to sleep...
& the children play
the children play
We Play.

The Mad Man

I was catchinía sleep in the Beer Garden
& then I woke up...
to find Iíd been robbed,
chained to a lamp post & stripped naked;
A cold shiver ran down my back.
The pigs arrived with their blues & twoís on,
some filthy mob had done me wrong.
Took away all that belonged
& now Iím here chasiní a dream,
while I sing these prison songs.
The wardenís always by my side,
seems itíll be until I die
but Iíve got other plans...
Iím gonna break free,
& discover my reality
Iíll be brave, march straight down the lane
Iíll even demand that I be unchained
See today, I wanna get restrained
& take away all this pain
cause thereís one thing, they canít touch...
My Freedom.
I could be on an island
I could be in Scotland
I could be on a boat
or a submarine
Take off all my clothes
& nobody knows
because Iím free.
Iím free.


a blind man trying
to see the life heís had
sun falls on his face

people are crying
young kids scream and scream and scream
momís bleeding out loud.



It's hot, I'm pacing
in my cage, people surrounding me.
Screaming, shouting, my heart is beating
all that goes through my mind is
I need Freedom, I need to run
and run and live my life.
I'd run all day under the sun
Through the sweeping grass
My Freedom are dreams
that visit me in my cage
when I'm pacing
they make me laugh.



Autumn is here
Leaves falling from trees,
Leaving them bare,
Leaves screaming as they fall
to the forest floor. Branches dancing with the wind,
wind howling
creeps around shrieking doors
looking up at the black sky.
the mist waltzes with
glistening, sparkling stars under the



Love can hurt when you break up
hate can bring a curse
Love can hurt when you walk
out of the door, your beautiful bubble just bursts.
What has happened? you belong to each other
was she to boring, so you decided
to find another lover?
in the past, you had great fun...
Do not tell me youíre going out with a nun.


Sunrise, Sunrise
Look at the sunrise
the colours bleed together,
then see the sunset.

Sunset you shall see,
Together bleed the colours,
now sleep till sunrise.
Wake now itís sunrise,
whilst colours bleed together,
and play till sunset.

Till sunset you play,
together bleed all colours,
now rest till sunrise.

Now sleep till sunrise
together bleed the colours,
sunset you shall see.

Then see the sun set,
the colours bleed together,
Look, thereís the sunrise.
Sunrise, Sunrise


Can't Stand her!!!

Can't stand her, Can't stand her,
She looks like a Donkey,
And her teeth are all wonkey,
She smells like a horse,
And is so remorse, Can't Stand her,
Can't Stand her.



locked up in my closet
it feels like a dark alley
no mirror, no shade
here with no light.
it feels like God has left my side.

Long Living Hero

Nelson Mandela fought for freedom
long years, what the hell?
Tears & fears, sitting in a cell...
Let him out, hear him yell
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!


I hate English, it s so boring,
I feel like going to sleep and snoring,
But I do like Art,
like drawing, now that's a start,
And my head teacher, she s always yawning

Go ahead, die
Child, you worry. ha
I ainít going to kill you.
as blood fills the bucket.


He caught Death

The child is dying,
the leaves falling upon him,
and they cover his eyes.
halloween has come,
be afraid, be so afraid,
witches are flying.
going going gone!
Children go missing,
nearly every single day
Parents are crying.
Itís all over,
everybody goes back home
Peace has now arrived.



What is Life?
is life a dream?
is it a nightmare?
is it a fairy tale?
maybe a tv program...
itís a lonely winding road of
love & hate.


Bad day

Today I feel sad
Pissed off with members of staff
maths was sh** today.
home sick
I was up early
Put in a foul mood by staff
I want to go home.
Today the sun shines
Brighter than ever before
my eyes are open.



Beggars on the street begging for money,
People who take the mic are not very funny!
there are children on the street starving to death
thereís children who are missing (one called beth).
Whatís wrong with you people?
Whatís wrong with your mind?
People are sick and dying, why canít you just be kind?
Prostitutes on the streets having sex for money
Next day they are Dead and that is not funny
Mothers in their house all alone, kids running
away from there beautiful own home!


Wanna Go Home!

Ma, I am sorry! I never meant to hurt you
Ma, I never meant to walk out and leave ya with nothing to do
I have love you since I was little
and I still do, all I wanted was only you.
but I never knew I couldnít have that and my dreams
will never come true.
I never meant to run away from all
the stuff I ever had, ma, all the things
that dad did, you knew it was bad.
every night I cry myself to sleep.
everything Iíve lost, I feel it deep.
All I did was call you on my phone
and all I ask is ĎI wanna come home!í
Ma, Iím sorry, I love you, I never
meant to walk out and leave you with nothing to do!


All poems copyright © the writers 2003. All enquiries to the Windows Project.
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