The Windows Project : Amazing Push Poem Machine : 28 June 2008

Love is special with truthful rhymes.
Everlasting peace – Yes!
In every little moment, visions keep dreaming slowly.

Years have opened true, invisible unusual people
trying many different attitudes.

Very ugly pepper stew
stenches of pepper that is not dry

Fair mums share peace,
knowing everyone may be stinky eventually.

Miserable boys came clapping around
some dowdy green people.

Team men just venture, smiling magically,
crawling towards green forests.

Icy frost freezes houses quickly.

Slow slithering worms attach instant happiness,
landing up the bright beautiful violins.

Superb stars win jam like wobbly fingers
in naughty children’s tummies.

Verbal laughter is special and magic,
turning sexual contact every year.

Unusual, just dancing kippers –
tigers five alone.

Gem’s parlour dad jams house gates down nightly,
then eats lambs.

Mother’s wig falls slowly, never turning –
like big hairy knees.

Running on mountains in the snow,
never landing silently.

Horrifying ghosts heave metal cars.
Maniacs jump bridges, keeping skunk smells quiet.
at Newsham Park, Liverpool
June 2008

Created by visitors to the event