The Amazing Push Poem Machine

Bold Street Festival

25th September 2011

Most new theories need inky lips drinking kisses.

Yesterday’s joyful japes wonder foolishly.

Very ridiculous yellow ostrich tails bestow creative flashes,

hanging snugly beside several penguins’ kites.

Sunny hats tickle,

quintessentially kissing nice people wistfully.

Very blended umbrellas inside Grandma’s slithery top.

Gigantic rainbows shine joyfully over hills,

thanking thoughtful yardbirds hopefully,

very wistfully.

Home, unlike many uncovered joys,

electric peace needs real soul.

Memories abate independently,

supporting vicarious grief immediately.

Every octopus eats good fish universally.

You could circle animals towards organic material, presently.

Happiness pings!

Wining Liverpool goals love victory.

Slugs over windows.

Illustrations have precisely more mums or eggy oceans.

Vaccinated flamingos need chocolate goodies

providing fodder.

Hilarious old actors wear marigolds.

Just surreal unicorns unite.

Justice can begin!

with John Hughes, Rebecca Sharp,

Tom Vipond and Dave Ward.