Newsham Park Festival June 21st 2014

Flowers keep waving to raindrops.
Raindrops wet grass here after rainbows.

Violets meander under heaven and bamboos.
Leopards bound over sand, fetching rabbits.

Kingfishers dive near blue skies.
Kites near your ostriches loiter.

Pine forests grow near desert mountains,
keeping kestrels and buzzards dry.

Polar bears kill fish.
Elephants like kicking horses.
Love cats talk on happy occasions.

Monkeys bathe every day.
Broccoli generates health.
Penguins kiss occasionally.

Luxurious tremendous caterpillars move joyfully.
Jasmine blows butterflies.

Imagine joy universal.
Imagine happiness, yippee!

Trees grow in forests.

Small volcanoes like fire now -
trying mightily everywhere, brightly exploding!

with Alison Down and Dave Ward